Cool stuff for home

When you’re out buying cool stuff for home, what comes into mind? If you’re turning up blank, it’s Just WTF to the rescue! With lots and lots of cool stuff to take your home’s weirdness to the next level, you’ll never go look at any other weird stuff site again.

There are people who hate coffee and there are those who are addicted to it. There doesn’t seem to be much space for anything in between. You either totally hate it or you’re totally addicted. And for those weirdos who love their coffee, weird coffee cups are the best gift!

The only problem about coffee cups is that there are just so many of them that makes it difficult to choose! There are ones for those who like Cthulhu and other monsters of the deep. Creepy crawler spiders are popular themes for coffee cups, too. Gag gifts such as toilet bowl coffee cups exist for a reason, and it’s because some of us need it!

Is baking or cooking something you love? Are you also into cool shit and weird things? Cookie cutters in the shape of voodoo dolls give you a nice way to inject some weirdness into the kitchen. And why is there a Cheesus Christ grater and why isn’t it mainstream? There’s a waffle iron that makes you keyboard waffles. Have you ever wanted to grow your own mushrooms? Because Amazon has whole mushroom growing kits for you to try.

There’s a wide range of cool stuff to buy on Amazon under $10, but there’s even more under the list of cool stuff to buy on Amazon under $50! And the best thing about these cool stuff for home is that they’re actually functional.

You can get a mustache bottle opener, some profanity pencils, a pair of anti-snakebite boots, a bottle spray of snake repellent, or even an earthquake survival kit (which isn’t as weird as it is necessary). The point is, there seems to really be no point in owning any of these items, unless of course that it’s totally fun to own them.

There’s a lot of cool shit you can buy from Amazon, so look around. Reward yourself by buying cool stuff for home, or get some to give as cool unique gifts. They’re fun, uncommon, quirky, and weird, so what’s not to like? There’s just so many cool stuff to buy on Amazon, and Just WTF has them all listed just for you to browse. Protection Status