Weird costumes

Bookworms, assemble! We know how frustrating it is to find books online. It’s hard spending your precious time looking, especially weird books to please your odd taste. But not anymore!

Here you will find a library of ‘interesting’ books, to say the least. Want to surprise your bookworm family or friend? We got you covered. We have books for him, her, and the kids (but give at your own risk). We searched the Internet for all the great finds for bookworms like you. We know it because we’re bookworms ourselves.

Check out the list below to find books that suit your liking:

Weird Books for Her

Having problems with a girl? She might be confused right now, or simply dumbass. This book called ‘Bitch Are You Retarded? Stop Being A Dumbass! Either He Loves You, He’s in Love with You, or You’re Just Something to Do For Right Now. Either Way, Learn the Difference, and When to Walk Away’ might just be the answer to your problem.

Weird Books for Him

Men are simpletons. They find amusement in useless things, say, this book entitled ‘The Complete What’s Your Poo Telling You?’. Give him this and you might find peace for a couple of days as he engrossed himself in this new book.

Weird Books for the Kids

It’s not only for him and her. We also got weird books for your young ones, and it’s completely educational. For example, ‘Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules: A Children’s Book about Gun Safety’ teaches your kids about gun safety, and most of all, it comes in Kindle edition!

More Weird Books Coming Soon

Find more weird books as we update our collection. We are always on the lookout for stuff we know you’d surely love. Stay tuned for incoming just WTF books to add up to your own library. We are committed to finding the weirdest book out there so rest assured that we’ll deliver.

As professional scouters, we take pride in the products we find online. We are also geeks who love books, and we know how satisfying the scent of fresh books is, and weird books are no exception. Rest easy knowing that our list will match expectations, and bookworms like us have such high expectations.

Explore our list until you find some cool stuff you are looking for. The products we find are great for keeps, for giving away as gifts, and for getting someone’s attention.

Grab this opportunity now. At Just WTF, you’re only a few clicks away to cool stuff that awaits you. Protection Status